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There are two types of marketers in the world; those that paint by number and those who paint by expression. Those who are the paint by number variety live for tradition, while our expressionist lives for the moment and change. 20 years ago, the number painters ruled the world. They figured out what the client wanted and gave it to them, but as the new generation takes to the workforce a whole new world of powerful marketing is unleashed through social media.

Social Media outlet capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds from the heydays of Myspace, to our now live broadcasts on Facebook.  The constant updating of outlets allows people to connect all over the world in new and fantastic ways. Advancing the use of social media in your marketing strategy is essential. Below are the top social media changes to soon impact the world of social media marketing.

Expansion of Augmented Reality

pokemon goThe use of augmented reality in social media showed up a few years ago with the introduction of Snapchat Filters. Since then AR has grown from just editing a picture to actual interactive mobile games like Pokémon Go, and now a new sort of AR is in the works.  One that upon release, will enable the user to project any product directly into their real environment, without the need for any special headsets, just a smartphone.

Get the Message

get the messageThrough messaging platforms like Messenger, KIK, and WhatsApp, marketers have found a whole new way of connecting with their clients. With over 2.4 billion people using messenger platforms, incorporating messaging into your marketing strategy will allow a more direct, personalized connection with clients and potentials.



No more tweets?

Tweet TweetWith the explosive advancements of the other social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, it seems that Twitter has fallen behind in the times. With their follower numbers significantly declining in 2017 and rumors of a sale, Twitter's plan to make changes to the advertising options and add a subscription service may not be enough to pull them out of the shadows.

Instagram on the Rise

instagramSince Instagram’s release of Stories, their usage has grown to over 200 million a month, putting them in the top three of social media platforms to use for marketing. As more of Generation Z take their place in the workforce, they will cause a shift in the buying power of the world. Traditional ways of marketing will become more and more obsolete. Gen Z wants it up front and close, and they don’t want to wait for it. Instagram does this in spades, which is why Gen Z prefers to use it above other outlets.

Facebook Spaces! They are coming!

facebook spacesFacebook Spaces is set to go live in 2018. be the first of its kind, allowing the user to connect through virtual reality. From a marketing standpoint, the possibilities are endless; from interactive functions, to showcase products, to hands-on tech support. Satisfying your clients will never be easier.



The time for painting by the numbers is quickly ending. Step outside of the box, express yourself and create your masterpiece. The colors are there waiting. Pick up the brush.

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