Does Social Media Really Matter

For the last decade, there has been a lot of buzz about social marketing. Sites like Moz, Content Marketing Institute, Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur have waved the social marketing flag around touting the importance of increasing web presence. They use words like keywords, PPC, semantic web, and dynamic content to improve your social media campaign. They say that having a strong presence helps you target and expand your audience, create website traffic, and generate leads. Marketing agencies even recommend that businesses have a dedicated social media manager. Is social media really powerful enough to do all that?

A Look at the Numbers

  • Facebook:  1.59 billion active visitors
  • Twitter:  310 million active visitors
  • LinkedIn:  25 million active visitors
  • Google+:  6.6 million active visitors
  • Pinterest:  100 million active visitors
  • Instagram:  500 million active visitors


As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. If there are a billion people standing in a crowd, wouldn’t it make sense to at least put a yard sign out? Your page in the social media world is that sign. The bolder and glitzier the sign, the more people take notice. So how do you make that sign more noticeable? You must make a social media plan. Content, content, content.

Content is King (Tired of hearing that yet?)

What you say on social media is what you say to the world. Plaster your site with greasy salesmen trying to sell snake oil, and the world will know you to be the greasy snake oil company. Place well-written blogs and useful information on your site and people will see you as an excellent utility. Good advice based on facts and presented in a palatable fashion can make you the go-to site for professional help, driving traffic and generating leads. Note that the content has to be useful AND attractive to your customer base. Good content is a blend of information and audience entertainment. The key here is to know your audience. What better way to find out who is interested in your product than seeing who interacts with you on social media?

Getting to Know your Audience

Perhaps one of the best uses for social media is the opportunity to know your audience. Who is your audience? Other business owners? Farmers? College kids? Whatever your niche, there are people on social media who you want as customers. So how do you go about getting this crowd of a billion to turn and look at you? You must take the first step. Like other pages, comment on their threads, and get people interested in who you are. If you are marketing to college-age kids, wouldn’t it make sense to follow the pages of the local colleges? If you’re selling to other businesses, try liking those companies’ pages. B2B lead generation is not much different from personal customer relations. You must become part of their circle. Just like making friends in the real world, you have to give them a reason to like you. Once they like you, then you can get to know them better.

Analyze the people who have liked your page and find out what they have in common. If 68% of your audience likes something in common, then why not like that venue as well? The venue is likely to have more people that are interested in your product. Consider the quality of the people that you are attracting. Are these the people that you can convert to leads? Are they the ones who will buy your product? If so, then what keeps them coming to your page? What makes them tick? This allows you to expand more fully your buyer persona, which in turn allows you to produce content that your followers will want to click.

So What is it Doing for Business?

According to the folks at Smart Insights, “92% of marketers have increased their exposure through social media and 80% had positive results in terms traffic.” That’s nothing to sneeze at. Just a few hours every week on social media can improve your site traffic, and aside from the man hours spent, it is practically free. Yes, you can sponsor and buy ads, but just the presence on the site is free. You don’t even have to sell your product to sell your product. Just simply becoming a regular part of someone’s daily social conversation can lead to a sale, and isn’t that what inbound marketing is all about? When potential customers see you as a credible company with the expertise to share, when they find themselves clicking on your media regularly, you become part of their circle. What better place to be than selling from the inside!

Remember, it is a “social” network. Be sociable! Talk to other businesses, share posts and tweets, like on their comments. Letting people know that you appreciate them gives them a “warm fuzzy” about your business. By getting to know your audience, posting solid content, and being the subject matter expert, you can be sure that social media will improve your site traffic, and lead conversion.

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