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2016 Marketing Trends and Strategies


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2016 Marketing Trends and Strategies

Online Marketing is constantly adjusting to new trends in technology and consumer behavior. While digital marketing is constantly evolving, technology is moving so fast, that brands are now just trying to keep up. IDM is taking the hassle out of keeping up with the latest technology and providing you with this guide to which marketing trends to tackle in 2016.

2016 Marketing Trends and Strategies

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Visionscapes Land Design

"Thanks to the team at IDM, I have a BAD @$$ WEBSITE!"

Shawn Anderson, Visionscapes Land Design
The Mariner's Museum

"Congratulations, Sara and MANY thanks to you and your team for all the great work you have done on this important chapter in the Museum's web development."

Dr. William B. Cogar, President & CEO
Faith & Fitness Magazine

"When I was in a time crunch I turned to InDigiMar. They gave me what I needed—WHEN I needed it."

Brad Bloom, Publisher, Faith & Fitness Magazine