Avalon Center for Women & Children


Avalon provides shelter and support to those experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault in the Greater Williamsburg area. By offering tools for safety, self-sufficiency, and empowerment, Avalon works to break the cycle of abuse and helps create a positive future.

Avalon Center for Women & Children

Williamsburg, VA
The Challenge 

Avalon needed a site refurbishment on a limited budget. Being a very sensitive field, they wanted something that would promote the clean, safe environment that their clients are looking for. They needed to provide information to abuse victims, as well as accept donations and recruit volunteers. They needed a volunteer application system, multiple forms, and a “Leave Site Immediately” option that erased the browser history of the site visit. They wanted to have better search engine visibility within Williamsburg and to increase engagement with abuse victims through multiple social media platforms.

Avalon is the only women and children's center in the entire Williamsburg area, traffic increased 203% within the first 90 days.

The Solution 

In four months, the InDigiMar team refurbished the old site, implementing a Drupal CMS to handle the needs of the client. The new site was optimized for search engines to promote greater community outreach. The site included easily updatable content designed to assist website visitors in locating information about counseling and advocacy. The site utilized multiple forms for donation and volunteers. Using Facebook and Twitter, we created social media content that is inviting and informative to the public.

The Results 

Gliding gently as a butterfly on the wind, the InDigiMar team, created a smooth, warm and informative website that provided much-needed help to those in abuse situations. Traffic increased by 203%, improving donations of time and funding, as well as help to the victims of domestic abuse.

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