Ferguson, Rawls, and Raines


Ferguson, Rawls, and Raines is a for-profit medium sized private business that offer legal representation and services in the greater Hampton Roads area. They employ four attorneys and nearly a dozen staff members to assist customers with a broad range of legal needs, including DUI and Personal Injury. FRR is a competitive legal firm with an old-fashioned feel that has a value of over $1 million.

Ferguson, Rawls, and Raines

Suffolk, VA
The Challenge 

The partners at Ferguson, Rawls, and Raines  approached InDigiMar to update their old website and give it a fresh and updated feel. The old site had been very minimalistic and was using poor SEO techniques, using strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience. The site had grammatical and spelling errors and offered limited visitor engagement opportunities. The bottom line was that their web presence was getting no results. They realized a need for better marketing and outreach but did not want a complete rebuild. They were happy with their logo and required no new branding.

Ferguson, Rawls, and Raines' website traffic has increased by 495% within the last 90 days.

The Solution 

InDigiMar updated and upgraded the pre-existing site to an open source Drupal CMS, ensuring that the stately presence that an established law firm requires was maintained. To promote marketing and draw visitors to the site, IDM implemented an online marketing campaign, including developing content for four informational blog posts per month. The team at IDM applied advanced SEO tactics and optimization strategies focused on the six areas of law that the firm specializes in.

The Results 

The Verdict is out! Another open and close case for the InDigiTeam, as we upgraded the site platform, we created an elegant website that truly shows the sophistication of this law firm. IDM slammed the book on bad online marketing practices, and through the judicial use of proper marketing tactics were able to increase the site traffic by 495%!

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