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Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) is a government-owned research facility that employs 760 full-time employees, 43 students, and nearly 1400 facility users. The facility conducts atomic research and provides programs for education. Jefferson Lab has a value of more than $100 million.

Jefferson Lab

Newport News, Virginia

InDigiMar has been instrumental in helping Jefferson Lab develop and roll out its new Drupal-based website, bringing a high level of expertise and experience to a very complex and tedious task. The lab has more than 200,000 web pages, many of which needed to be migrated to the new site and then reorganized to realize two critical goals-improving user experience and establishing a content management system. InDigiMar's staff has been highly professional during this process and, importantly, they have always been available when needed.

- Jefferson Lab.

The Challenge 

Jefferson Lab required advanced support for Drupal. The project would require building modules and databases, as well as integrating and upgrading existing content and features. This is a unique challenge due to Jefferson Lab’s unique security, network and hosting requirements. InDigiMar needed to take a site with little cohesion and create a fluid theme that site visitors could quickly follow.

Jefferson Lab is comprised of 759 Full Time Employees, 43 Students, and 1,385 Facility Users.

The Solution 

Our solution was to start (and maintain) a cycle of analysis and implementation for all tasks requested by Jefferson Lab. We maintained an open dialog with Jefferson Lab personnel to allow for flexible development and maintenance schedules. The Drupal six site was ported to the Drupal seven platform. Through the porting, Jefferson Lab gained improved security, better theming, greater ease of use, increased maintainability, and an overall better user experience.

The Results 

Bazinga!!! InDigiMar rolled a natural 20! The upgraded Drupal 7 platform provided laser sharp information architecture, allowing for easier wayfinding, and superior security. Over the course of a year, the InDigiNerds were splitting atoms and fusing pages, creating a cohesive site that visitors felt extremely positive towards!

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