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Shop Suffolk is a local marketplace where Suffolk residents can find trusted businesses that are native to Suffolk, and gives small businesses an affordable way to compete in the digital marketplace.  

Shop Suffolk

Suffolk , Virginia
The Challenge 

Many small business owners face challenges when it comes to advertising their business services or products. The minimum radio or TV spend required to see results in this area is around $2500 per month. For a small business generating approximatley $100k in annual revenue, traditional marketing budgets could account for more than 25% of a small businesses annual revenue, making traditional advertising unobtainable for many small business owners. The team at inDigiMar knew that there was a real need for local small businesses to be able to market to their local audiences in a way that was targeted, utilizes all media channels, and affordable.

The Solution 

After analyzing the local market research, the team at InDigiMar developed the Shop Suffolk website system. The concept included offering small businesses profiles on a locally targeted website for nominal fee. The membership fees provided the member with a full profile that consisted of company infomration, maps, contact information, a blog feed, links to social media platforms, event listings, and a coupon system similar to GroupOn's funtionality. In addition, the entire program (Shop Suffolk) was advertised through radio, TV, newspapers, and through multiple social media channels promoting local businesses to local consumers. In essence, the system functioned as a Marketing Co-Op providing the same marketing tools that larger businesses could afford while sharing the costs between all members, resulting in significant savings for everyone.

The Results 

Though recently launched, the system has been well received by the market. The system has increased communications between local businesses and consumers and members have seen an increase in business revenue.

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