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Director of Development

Dani Corum

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Dani was attracted to tech because she loves the idea of making a website and then pushing the functionality to the limits. Having a feature that not a lot of people have and making that website unique per customer means her job never gets old, its always something new every day. As silly as it sounds, her role model is Pauly Shore. Being shy herself, she loves how outgoing he is. He isn’t afraid of what people think of him and that is a trait she admires. Her hobbies include being a mom, horse back riding, scuba diving, reading, gardening, camping, hiking, shooting, and gaming…

At IDM, Dani specializes in Web Development in Drupal, Wordpress, Unix system operations, and SEO. The languages Dani codes in is HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP. She also writes User Guides and trains clients to use their site, and conducts testing of technical solutions.

Professional Certifications & Affiliations

  • Drupal Association Member
  • Acquia Member
Drupal Association Member
Be nice to everyone you meet cause inside they may be fighting a battle you know nothing about.
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Education & Experience 
  • Calhoun Community College
  • Drupal Developer - 10 Years
  • Network/Cloud Administrator
Community Outreach 
  • Red Cross
  • Life South
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