Digital Marketing for Higher Ed

Anyone who works in enrollment, alumni relations, development or digital marketing for higher ed has one thing in common. You are always looking for a way to get others to take action; whether that is getting new students to enroll, current students to matriculate, or alumni to become more involved with capital campaigns. Getting others to take action is always on the top of your mind.

Inbound marketing is a great way to accomplish your goals. The information found here will show you how the Inbound Methodology applies to your specific job and how you can use this information to increase actions from students, parents, and alumni within your community.

In the Higher Education world, inbound marketing can help accomplish the following goals:

  • Promote Your Brand
  • Attract Students who are a better fit for your institution
  • Drive requests for more information
  • Increase new student applications
  • Highlight new program offerings

  • Rev up your online donations
  • Recruit better faculty members
  • Boost website traffic and conversions
  • Optimize your site for better organic search results
  • Build relationships with students, alumni, and staff

In an economy where ROI is a key performance factor, inbound marketing can be measured, shared, easily re-purposed, and easily updated. That's why Inbound Marketing is valuable. Take a look around and find out exactly how Inbound Marketing works from start to finish.

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Attract Customers with Facebook

Learn How to Attract Customers with Facebook

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