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InDigiMar builds nonprofit marketing plans that make a difference. We offer nonprofit consulting to transform your organizations values, ideas, and visions into a powerful business strategy. We have years of experience in developing non profit business websites and will create a unified strategy for generating traffic by implementing personalized, professional marketing methodologies for nonprofit social media that focus on attracting new members and donors. InDigiMar gets tangible results and generates real analytics that actually make sense.

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We continually analyze current market trends and tailor strategies to make your nonprofit business grow and your vision shine. 

We will help your nonprofit harness the many resources available for online marketing including Google Grants, Google AdWords, and other nonprofit technology to build an online resource center for your visitors to engage with.

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2016 Marketing Trends and Strategies

2016 Marketing Trends and Strategies

With 2016 underway, it's important to get ahead of the marketing game before you get left in the dust. This guide will provide information on the latest trends in online marketing including Instagram, targeted marketing, mobile pay, and much more.


"Congratulations, Sara and MANY thanks to you and your team for all the great work you have done on this important chapter in the Museum's web development."

Dr. William B. Cogar, President & CEO

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